Area Rug Cleaning & Restoration

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Having been in the business over 25 years, we’re experts when it comes to rugs and are proud to offer a top-drawer service, which includes cleaning, repair and restoration. We understand how precious your rug is to you – whether it’s small or large, an heirloom or an investment, and made of natural or synthetic fibers, you can count on us to get it back in shape.


We serve both residential and commercial customers across NYC and go out of our way to make you happy, with our highly-trained technicians and non-toxic green solutions that are designed to keep you and your family, your carpet/rug and the planet safe!


We work with all styles of rugs, both handmade and by machine and from all around the world. Whether you have a Chiese, Persian, Native American, Turkish or Flat Weave Kilim, our area rug restoration services mean you will have it returned looking fabulous.


Area Rug Cleaning That Goes Deep, Our techniques are tried and tested and our process follows these steps:


  • Inspection – we inspect and assess the rug, noting any particular problems or conditions.
  • Dusting – we then dust it thoroughly, to shake loose dust particles, dirt, grit and allergens nestled deep down in the fibers.
  • Cleaning – depending on the rug’s condition, either we will use a dry cleaning or deep immersion technique. Dry cleaning involves using green solutions to clean the material, then rinsing it with minimal water and cleaning it with soft towels. With deep immersion, we soak and then wash the rug gently in a shallow pool of water, again with eco-friendly products. Both methods are proven to rid the rug of stains, grime and unpleasant odors.
  • Drying – then we take the rug into our humidity-free, climate controlled drying room. This lets it dry fast, making sure no mold or mildew has the chance to develop.
  • Touch-up – your rug is then inspected one final time, with the pile aligned and the fringes straightened.


Our area rug cleaning service is gentle but thorough and, once complete, we are confident you will be satisfied with the results.


Low Prices With Fantastic Service


We offer our Upper West Side and NYC clients low prices and a free-pick up and return delivery service. And with a 100% guarantee on every job, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal.


Call us now to speak to one of our dedicated staff, to find out how we can help you and also receive a free quote.


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Area Rug Restoration Services


Rugs come in all different shapes and sizes but, at a certain point, they all suffer wear and tear. Whatever your rug’s size, weave and value, we can help. Whether it’s a costly Chinese rug, a synthetic area rug or a precious heirloom, bring it to us.


Our technicians are adept at area rug restoration techniques, be they hole fixing, binding, rug-resizing, color restoration, and fringe re-enforcement. Because they have years of experience, they know exactly what techniques to adopt to bring your rug back to life.


It goes without saying that every repair service here at Carpet and Rug Cleaning NYC includes a thorough clean before the repair or restoration begins.

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