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High Quality Work And Reasonable Prices


At Carpet and Rug Cleaning NYC, we offer high-quality carpet cleaning and installation services at very reasonable prices. We know why our clients love their carpets – they are comfortable, soft and give off a luxurious feel. But we also know that if they aren’t cleaned regularly, they will become dirty and dangerous. That’s right – deep within them isn’t just dirt and grime but also dust mites and nasty allergens which are downright dangerous for the health of you and your children.


That’s why our cleaning service is so thorough. We use state-of the-art, commercial machinery and only non-toxic, green cleaning solutions. We believe you and your family deserve a safe environment in which to live. We also believe your carpet deserves the best clean possible. That’s why we go deep, removing all kinds of soil and dirt stuck deep in the fibers.


Clean And Green – Professional Cleaning That Goes Deep, Our deep cleaning technique involves these particular steps:


  • Inspection
  • Power vacuum
  • Pre-treatment
  • Deep cleaning
  • Finishing touches


After your technician has taken a look at your carpet and asked you certain questions (to determine the specific cleaning it needs) they will move the furniture and then vacuum the carpet thoroughly. This will remove all loose dirt,


Then, he will apply a conditioning and spot/stain removal product (made of green products), which ensures even grease, red wine, coffee and pet urine don’t stand a chance.


When this is done, it’s time for a deep-cleaning of your carpet, using our powerful hot water extraction method.


No-Obligation Quote and Same-Day Service


We offer a no-obligation, same day service (if calling before noon) across the city. Whether you’re a family home, a small business or corporate premises, we have the staff and know-how to help!


Whether you live on the Upper West Side or in the wider NYC area, we’re here for all your carpet and rug cleaning needs.


Call us today for a free quote and to learn about our services at: (646) 766-8036


Powerful Hot Water From Two Tanks


We are insistent on using an industrial machine that has two tanks. The first sprays hot water onto your carpet and the second takes out the dirty water. Because they don’t mix, you get a really thorough clean. The water goes deep into the fibers and also calibrates the machine’s water pressure especially for your carpet, because we know no two situations are the same. It’s a tailor-made service.


After all this, the carpet is inspected one last time, with the fringe straightened and the pile aligned.


You’re good to go – in just a few hours, you’ll be able to walk on it once more.


Carpet and Rug Cleaning NYC also offers you a wall-to-wall carpet installation service – this includes door removal, installing tackless strips and then the carpet pad, then trimming and stapling steams.


Whether your carpet is small or large, we offer an excellent service with friendly, dependable staff and a complete guarantee on all of our work. That’s correct. If you aren’t happy, we’ll do the job again. No argument.

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